Caring for your Cashmere

Cashmere is a uniquely fine animal fibre obtained by combing the hair of long-haired Capra Hircus goats. In the immensity of the icy plains of Mongolia, their down protects them from the intense cold, giving rise to an unrivalled softness. When the wind dies down and the climate becomes milder, the goats naturally change their hair and their fleece is gently shorn.


In keeping with the House's history, MAX&MOI pays particular attention to the length and fineness of the fibres selected, to offer you exceptional cashmere with sublime comfort and feel.


Our creations knitted from this noble and delicate material, renowned for its insulating properties, softness and lightness, require special care.

To prolong the life of your MAX&MOI Cashmere and Merino Cashmere garments and preserve their condition season after season, follow these 3 golden rules.

Wash your cashmere regularly

Because of its natural origin in the vast plains of Mongolia, where unexpected showers occur in summer, cashmere loves water. In fact, it needs it badly. When wet, the fibre contracts before returning to its original shape as it dries, a sort of rebirth that restores the garment's splendour and suppleness, even preventing the appearance of pilling. It is therefore advisable to wash your MAX&MOI cashmeres regularly. The more you wash them, the softer and silkier they will be.


However, some cashmeres, such as the double-faced fabrics used to make coats, cannot be washed in water. Please refer to our care labels for each model.

Ideally, machine wash your cashmere inside out, using only the wool or delicates programme set to cold water, with a dose of special wool detergent or MAX&MOI shampoo designed to preserve the softness of cashmere. Do not select a 30°C programme as the temperature in a washing machine can vary by up to +/-10% and wool can start to shrink above 32°C. Put your cashmere garment in a wash bag to prevent it from becoming damaged or misshapen, and remember to select a gentle spin (500 rpm maximum).

If you prefer to wash your cashmere by hand, quickly soak it in cold water with a special wool detergent or MAX&MOI shampoo. Squeeze gently, rinse with clean water and then gently wring it out in a towel without distorting it.


In the event of stains: dab a few drops of MAX&MOI special Cashmere liquid detergent onto your garment. Wait 10 minutes, then wash. Whichever washing method you choose, machine or hand, avoid fabric softeners at all costs.


Dry your cashmere flat on a towel, away from light and heat, folding the sleeves so that they don't warp. It can take up to 3 days to dry a cashmere jumper or cardigan. To smooth your cashmere, you can iron it gently, without pulling on the knit, inside out, using a low temperature and a little steam.

Use a cashmere comb

Cashmere is a natural, living material that has a natural tendency to pilling over time. Pilling is not a sign of poor quality cashmere, but a natural phenomenon caused by the friction between the fibres as they intermingle. By gently combing your garment with a cashmere comb, available in our MAX&MOI boutiques, on or in a haberdashery, you can smooth the fibres and remove knots to easily remove these unwanted pills, thus preserving the appearance and characteristic softness of cashmere.


On each MAX&MOI cashmere piece, we provide a few extra threads so that you can repair any snags, either yourself or by entrusting your pieces to an alteration specialist.

Give your cashmere a regenerating break

To preserve the suppleness of your cashmere garments and allow the fibres to regenerate so that they retain their suppleness, avoid wearing them for more than 2 days in a row.


When you're not wearing them, store your cashmeres away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dry place. Cashmere is a delicate, supple fabric, so it's best to fold your cashmere jumpers, cardigans or dresses carefully rather than hanging them up to avoid warping.


Make sure you only put away jumpers, ponchos, cardigans or summer cashmere knits that have been washed. Finally, to protect your clothes from moths, consider using a natural repellent (lavender sachet, cedar wood ball).

MAX&MOI has created a range of products designed to care for your favourite Cashmere and Cashmere Merino Wool garments, while respecting the materials and know-how involved.