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Tops & Shirts
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Enhance your look with MAX&MOI women’s tops and shirts, a collection of bold, essential pieces to adorn everyday wear with timeless elegance.

From casual flowing blouses to chic minimalist tops, dress shirts and lace-embellished camisoles, our creations are offered in a range of luxurious fabrics in silk, cashmere and wool.


MAX&MOI women's silk shirts and blouses, timelessly chic essentials

Looking for a pretty blouse with a classic collar to create an outfit that’s both chic and casual? Consider a women’s silk blouse with long sleeves to enhance your look. Available in a range of colors (white, fuchsia pink, petrol blue, etc.), the MAX&MOI silk blouse is a must-have for any wardrobe. Plain or printed, loose-fitting or slim-fitting, our women's silk shirts are essential for a sophisticated look.

By day, we pair our silk blouse with a creative knitted cardigan, to add a twist to an officewear silhouette that's a tad too classic. In the evening, team it with a leather Perlegging for a look that's more chic than ever, and a touch sexy too!

The women's silk and lace camisole, an essential for day and night!

Summer or winter, day or evening, silk tops and caracos are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe! MAX&MOI silk camisoles feature refined, delicate details, superb lace on high collars or openwork backs, punctuating silhouettes with a touch of elegance and daring.

For a business spirit, pair your silk and lace camisole with pinstripe pants or velvet pants, and a blazer jacket. In the evening, wear it with leather Perlegging and a pair of heels. At weekends, worn with the most basic jeans or loungewear cashmere pants, it's the ideal casual look enhancer.


Shirts and blouses: what are the benefits of silk?

Silk is a delicate, refined material that gracefully dresses the body and offers many advantages to those who wear it. Wrapped in this elegant material, every woman is adorned with timeless elegance. Like a soft caress, it brings a sensation of infinite softness to the skin. Silk has an incomparably voluptuous feel, thanks to its light, flowing texture that delicately hugs the silhouette. Its softness and elasticity offer unparalleled comfort. Silk is also known for its resistance, a quality that has earned it a place of choice in the design of many garments. Silk can also be blended with other materials such as cotton, cashmere or wool.

Another advantage of silk is its insulating properties. This chic, elegant material is capable of keeping you warm in the winter months, while letting your skin breathe in the summer. So you can wear your silk shirts all year round.

Thanks to its unique look, silk lends an elegant yet casual touch to any outfit, whether you wear it as a classic collared shirt, blouse, pants or a top. Timeless, silk blends easily with other materials, allowing your blouse to pair harmoniously with a cashmere sweater, cotton pants or women's leather leggings. Long-sleeved blouses can be plain (white, dark blue, pink, purple, black, etc.) or with a printed pattern.

Let yourself be seduced by the MAX&MOI silk collection

MAX&MOI offers a wide variety of silk garments such as caracos, dresses and pants. Our aim is to enable women to express their style with elegance, modernity and casualness by integrating silk pieces into their outfits. Women’s silk shirts remain the centerpiece of our collection. Available in a wide range of colors (white, light gray, petrol blue, etc.), it pairs perfectly with black leather leggings, printed pants or bright colors (fuchsia, saffron, etc.) to create an elegant, contemporary look. You can also create a bold combination with a cashmere sweater, gently illuminating the collar or sleeves. When paired with cashmere, cotton or leather pants, your silk blouse, carefully selected in a larger size, takes on an oversized look for a more casual effect.

Do you need more information (cut, delivery method, recommended size) about the MAX&MOI women’s silk shirts and blouses collection ? Please contact our team, we’ll be happy to advise you on your silk, cotton, wool, linen or cashmere purchases.