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Pants & Suits
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From striped suit pants inspired by the men's wardrobe to cozy cashmere loungewear styles, from straight-cut velvet essentials to silk loose-fitting chic pyjama styles, our pants, with their twisted lines and refined materials, enhance any outfit with ease.

Available in a range of luxurious fabrics - 100% cashmere, cashmere and wool, velvet, silk or even leather - MAX&MOI women’s pants and jumpsuits are expertly crafted. Attention to detail, cut and materials that are both warm and light, enhance these winter wardrobe essentials.
With impeccable cuts, twisted lines and luxurious materials, MAX&MOI women's pants are sure to make a lasting impression.
Wool suit pants inspired by the men’s wardrobe complement casual, cozy cashmere loungewear styles, flattering velvet pants, and chic pyjama-style loose silk pants.

MAX&MOI women’s cashmere and wool pants, the ideal garment for your fall and winter looks

Enhance any outfit with ease by choosing our perfectly tailored cashmere and wool pants. Combining comfort and style, they can easily be paired with other materials such as cotton or silk and come in a variety of styles and colors (beige, white, gray, black or more intense shades of hazel and petrol blue) to create a wide range of looks.

Looking for a warm, comfortable classic that goes with everything? Our 100% cashmere pants, made in France, with straight cut and elastic waistband, are perfect for a Sunday at home or for casual weekend wear. These cocooning jogging pants can be worn with sweater-hoodies or a cashmere cardigan in the same tone.

Looking for warm, elegant cashmere and wool pants, with twisted lines for a more fashionable, contemporary look? Check out our suit pants with a cashmere makeover. With fine stripes or small checks, our straight-cut cashmere and wool pants are a timeless modern twist. Whether worn as a total look with a matching cashmere jacket and sneakers for a casual-chic daytime look, or with heels, a silk shirt, a cashmere vest and a few accessories for a very elegant evening or business meeting look, your cashmere tailoring pants are limitless in versatility.
Tailored to perfection and crafted in gorgeous knits, our women’s cashmere and wool pants are a timeless, refined essential that you can wear for any occasion.

MAX&MOI cashmere, a cocoon of softness from the plains of Mongolia

At MAX&MOI, each piece is a jewel of craftsmanship. MAX&MOI cashmere is renowned for its incomparable softness and comfort, thanks to the fineness of its yarns. Sourced from the plains of Mongolia, cashmere fibers are combed and shorn from the hair of long-haired Capra Hircus goats during the warm season. During the winter months, this soft down enables them to combat the intense cold that reigns over the country.
No wonder so many women choose to buy cashmere garments. The material offers so many advantages and remains one of the essentials in a woman’s wardrobe. Cashmere is:

  • Thermoregulating: it keeps you warm in winter and limits perspiration during the summer months,
  • Durable: its high-quality fiber allows us to create garments that last over time,
  • Very comfortable to wear: it's extremely soft and lighter than wool
  • Aesthetic: the fineness of its yarns gives a chic look to every piece in our collection.

In our Autumn-Winter cashmere and wool pants collection, discover our latest styles of cashmere shorts and jumpsuits for women.

Are you looking for a stylish pair of pants with a more daring look, both rock-chic and casual?

Pamper yourself with MAX&MOI lambskin leggings. A sure thing among sure things, a beautiful pair of ultra-soft stretch leather pants is a must-have in any woman's wardrobe. An emblematic style of the House since 2013, our lambskin leather leggings are made in France. They can be worn with just about anything: a soft cashmere sweater and sneakers for a casual, trendy daytime look, or with an elegant blouse or a flowing top and heels for a dressier evening look.

Need information (price, size, availability, etc.) before buying your cashmere pants, leather leggings, silk blouse or cashmere cardigan for women? Get in touch with our MAX&MOI store teams - they'll be delighted to advise you. You can also check our online size recommendations for your body type. Then choose your preferred size and color (beige, black, gray, etc.) from our latest creations in stock, add them to your wish list, and enjoy free delivery and returns on the site in France and Europe.