Mindful of the concerns of our time, the House has merged expertise and ethical fashion by unveiling its first 100% faux fur collection in September 2022.

In the style of chinchilla, mink, fox, FUREVER stands out as an innovative label for synthetic fur that is more lifelike than ever. From founder Max Lederer, Artistic Director Emma Lederer has inherited incredible expertise and an unconditional love for the quality of materials and meticulous attention to detail, which she has chosen to perpetuate through the prism of faux fur.


As soft and warm as real fur, our luxury faux fur creations with hyper-realistic texture and timeless elegance take center stage in each of the House's collections. The fluffy texture of FUREVER, with its extreme softness and exceptional appearance, is revealed on reversible jackets, long coats, or sleeveless short puffer jackets. It also appears as accents, paired with knitwear, creating contrasting elements.


A real alternative to real fur, our FUREVER pieces are easy to care for. Discover our care tips and advice to keep your women's faux fur jackets and coats looking their best, season after season.

How to clean your

faux fur?

To maintain the exceptional quality of your fur and preserve the splendor of the faux fur on your women's jacket or coat, we recommend having it professionally dry cleaned by a specialized dry cleaning service.


To clean your cashmere jumper or cardigan with FUREVER detailing, first detach the faux fur inserts before machine-washing your knitwear, following the care instructions on the label.

How to remove a stain

from your faux fur?

For small stains, you can use a sponge or cloth dampened with a little water to clean your faux fur. Gently dab the cloth over the fur to remove any imperfections, then leave to dry naturally. Once dry, brush your fur with a soft brush or blow-dry on a cool setting to restore shine and volume.


If the stain persists, we advise you to have your room dry cleaned.

How to care

for your faux fur?

When you're not wearing your faux fur, always leave it on a hanger in your closet or in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Do not fold it. Hang your faux fur jackets and coats for women and place them in a fabric cover to protect the fur from dust. To preserve the fluffy effect, make sure to leave enough space to avoid flattening the fur. If necessary, if the fur appears compressed, gently brush it to restore the fluffy effect and set the fibers.


If you want to pack your faux fur in a suitcase or bag for a trip, fold it inside out with the lining facing outwards to preserve the fur.


With this careful care, your FUREVER synthetic fur will continue to dazzle over time.

The sumptuous texture and unrivalled softness of MAX&MOI faux fur is expressed in a variety of pieces such as sleeveless jackets, long coats, jacket-hoodies and short down jackets. The best part? The signature models are reversible, so you can give free rein to your desires. Available in a wide range of exclusive colours, faux fur is available in soft neutrals or more vibrant shades.


Paired with our iconic stretch leather leggings and worn layered over our cashmere sweaters and cardigans, the FUREVER MAX&MOI models create a modern and chic look of unparalleled softness for this winter.