Veste Manel fuchsia en Furever fausse fourrure - MAX&MOI Mode femme


The MAX&MOI House is proud of its history and lineage, from Lederer to MAX&MOI, from the founder Max (1925) to Emma, our Art Director.

The materials and style evolve over time under the highly contemporary inspiration of Emma, who has turned a new leaf with the advent of FUREVER, the fur-free Autumn-Winter 23/24 collection. In line with our commitment to excellence, our high-quality materials, fibers, and threads, and our attention to detail, we present FUREVER.

Veste Gabbie noisette en Furever fausse fourrure - MAX&MOI Mode femme

Furever  exalts appearance

FUREVER, the label denoting our first-rate faux fur... In the style of chinchilla, mink, fox...  

This material exalts appearance and amplifies style. It is a material which is both desirable and desired, enveloping, reassuring, and comforting.

FUREVER has fallen in love with this enveloping fabric that feels incomparably soft, like a cocoon that transforms your wardrobe into a place of comfort. Dressing becomes synonymous with taking care of yourself. To wear FUREVER is to curl up in a warm box like a soft coat... FOREVER.

Do good, take care of yourself, and feel protected; furever offers so many feelings and sensations.

In the same way that transmission and filiation are essential to the history of MAX&MOI, FUREVER pieces are intended to be passed on like a piece of jewellery given as a gift.

The demand for quality permeates each of our FUREVER creations, whose materials, colours and style are unique.

MAX&MOI has built on its exceptional expertise in the creation of refined, essential pieces in cashmere and leather, and is now making a name for itself with this innovative new label.