Thanks to MAX&MOI VINTAGE second-hand service, you now have the opportunity to bring back to life all your MAX&MOI clothes from previous collections.

Iconic and Timeless

Classic designs with a modern twist.

Collections that reflect our designer's vision: daring, elegant, and casually versatile.

Neither too extravagant nor too plain.

Carefully chosen, high-quality materials, such as leather, cashmere, or silk.

Exclusive signature colors and prints.

And, of course, a perfect fit.

Iconic and timeless, MAX&MOI pieces stand the test of time and are always in. Made with exquisite craftsmanship, they will last over generations, worn over and over then passed down.

Every Action Counts

Our commitment to enduring and noble materials is at the core of our philosophy.

Because we want you to be able to pass on MAX&MOI pieces you've loved to enjoy brand new favorites whenever you desire.

It would be so unfortunate for these beautiful garments to be left forgotten in your dressing.
Every action contributing to circular fashion matters.

This is why we created MAX&MOI VINTAGE.

The Concept

MAX&MOI VINTAGE is our dedicated platform for buying and selling pre-owned MAX&MOI pieces from past and current collections.

If you wish to purchase an old favorite that you've missed out on with the guarantee of a carefully checked and authenticated second-hand piece in perfect condition, you'll find it here!
Second-hand MAX&MOI pieces offered for sale on our platform mirror the brand's identity. Timeless, high-quality, and aligned with the House's exacting standards.

Should you wish to resell a MAX&MOI piece you loved to wear, we're here to make the trading process as easy and convenient as possible, whether in boutiques or online.

No need for product data sheets or photos. Plus you are guaranteed to receive a gift voucher as soon as your product has been validated by our teams!