An iconic model from MAX&MOI since 2013, our leather Perlegging for women is based on unique know-how. It is made with the utmost care in our Parisian workshops, from the cut to the finish. Made from the highest quality stretch lambskin leather, providing all the comfort and suppleness needed for trousers, this fashion essential adapts to all body shapes and enhances every woman's silhouette.

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Proof of the excellence of our know-how, the leather of our women's leather leggings, made from French skins, has the special feature of being washable. Carefully maintained, this wardrobe essential will develop a patina over time and stay with you in all circumstances.

Discover our care tips to keep your leather looking beautiful and preserving its shine.


To clean your lambskin Perlegging, we recommend that you wash it inside out, by hand or in the washing machine on a gentle cycle (maximum 500 rpm), and in cold water (maximum 20°). In the event of stains, it is best to have it cleaned by a leather specialist. Never use chlorine bleach.


Do not tumble dry your leather leggings. Do not wring them out by hand. Lay it flat on a towel and roll it gently to absorb excess moisture. Then unfold it and leave to air dry, away from light and heat.


We recommend ironing on the reverse side, using a soft iron and preferably a damp cloth.

Care and tidying

To preserve the shine of your MAX&MOI luxury leather leggings, we advise you to keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, sources of heat and dust. Avoid folding it too tightly. If you have the opportunity, lay it flat on a shelf or hang it on a coat hanger with clips, making sure to slip a thick cloth under the clips to avoid marking the leather.


Twice a year, we recommend applying a dab of special leather milk to your leggings with a soft cloth, to embellish the leather and restore its original shine. Avoid rubbing against abrasive surfaces.

A permanent icon in the MAX&MOI collections, women's leather leggings are available in over 20 colours (black, beige, grey, petrol blue, brown, etc.) and are constantly being updated. Chic and versatile, they're ideal for enhancing any outfit and can be easily combined with all the key pieces in our women's collections: cashmere jumpers, silk shirts, long overcoats or short jackets in Furever faux fur.