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Sultry stripes

Between casualness and elegance, our striped print creations sublimate the silhouette.
Vertical, horizontal, oversized or delicate, each stripe is a brushstroke skilfully applied to captivate the eye and bring audacity and charm.

  • Spring/Summer Inspiration

    Artistic Director of the House Emma Lederer, has created a delicate wardrobe freely inspired by a mythical journey to the heart of distant lands with red landscapes. Read more >

  • Great Escape

    As the sunny days and long weekends approach, we all dream of a sun getaway. Whatever the destination, MAX&MOI has designed elegant, casual and easy-to-wear outfits to accompany you all summer long. Read more >


    Because the love of noble materials designed to last
    is at the heart of our commitment, and because we want you to be able to pass on your clothes over the years, we have created MAX&MOI VINTAGE. Read more >