A summer material by excellence, linen is a favorite when temperatures rise. Its breathable, thermoregulating properties make it an excellent ally during hot weather. However, linen remains a delicate natural fiber requiring specific cleaning conditions to prevent damage.

Discover our care tips to maintain the quality of your women's linen shirts, vests, jackets and tops

Cleaning your linen pieces

Hand washing is the ideal way to care for linen garments. To preserve the color and quality of this natural fabric, we recommend soaking your garment in a bath of cold water for the first wash. This will soften the fiber and prevent shrinkage.

Preferably ‎wash your garments by hand, using a natural detergent or Marseille soap, in cold or lukewarm water.

If you prefer machine washing, we advise you to avoid cleaning your linen garment with synthetics, which can cause lint to form, altering the softness and suppleness of the linen. Choose a delicate program at 30°C maximum, with a spin speed of 600 rpm. To best preserve your linen garment, wash it in a washing net.

To preserve the quality of your women's linen garment, we recommend air-drying, away from light, to prevent fading. Do not tumble dry. ‎‎

For particularly delicate pieces, such as women's linen suits, it's best to entrust their care to a specialized dry-cleaning service. These professionals have the expertise and techniques needed to care for your linen jackets while preserving the natural beauty of this plant fiber.

Care & organization

If you wish to iron your linen tops and vests, we recommend dampening them slightly to maintain the quality of the fiber. Iron your garment inside out on a soft iron, to avoid excessive heat which could damage the fabric.

After ironing, lay your linen garment on a hanger to prevent creasing. Make sure it is completely dry before storing in your dressing room. Moisture can leave marks on linen.

To preserve the quality of your linen pieces, we recommend storing them in a cool, dry place. Avoid places exposed to direct sunlight and dust. This could alter the colors and texture of the fiber.

Perfume your linen clothes

Like cashmere or wool, you can delicately spray perfume on your linen garments to intensify your scent. Linen's natural fiber will pay homage to your fragrance, whereas spraying it on synthetic garments will distort it.

‎On the other hand, don't perfume light-colored linen garments, as you risk staining them.

A noble fiber par excellence, linen embodies the perfect harmony between comfort and durability. Whether long-sleeved T-shirts, sleeveless tank tops, women's linen cardigans or jacket-and-trouser ensembles, these chic yet casual pieces prove to be everyday essentials.

A symbol of freshness and lightness, linen remains an essential choice, season after season. Versatile, women's linen tops and cardigans pair easily with all MAX&MOI collections. Paired with suede pants or leather leggings for a casual, contemporary style, these pieces offer the modern woman just the right measure of elegance and simplicity.