This season, MAX&MOI returns with an elegant collection with colorful tones. Emma Lederer, Artistic Director of the House, creates a delicate wardrobe inspired by an mythical journey to a distant land... Heading to Australia, its wild nature, its aboriginal culture, its minerals and its red mountains.

The collection expresses the signature codes of the House through a breath of freedom and an affirmed femininity. The knitwear is light and illuminates with coloured vitamin notes. Cashmere cardigans, shawls, dresses and trousers play the role of casual layers. 

Vaporous dresses, chic boleros and tuxedo-style jackets are adorned with knitted patterns reminiscent of the tattoos of the Aborigines or the body paint used for ceremonies. This timeless journey features the graphic prints so dear to the House... Refinement is found in the smallest details.

The colour palette, reminiscent of the Australian bush, illuminates the silhouettes.

This season, the pieces are enveloped in the sweet scent of summer.


Photographed by Alexandra Utzmann - Talent Zulfiya Khismetova