So that nothing is wasted and everything is sublimated,
To keep up with the times and combat the waste of materials,
To offer optimal quality by reusing stocks of fine cashmere yarns and entrusting the making to exceptional partners, craftsmen of excellence, guarantors of the House's know-how,
MAX&MOI is launching three cashmere essentials for pre-order.

Until 3 December
, pre-order these iconic knits at a special price.

The first items will be delivered from 6 December and all cashmere jumpers in the pre-order are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

The Upcycled collection by Max

This autumn-winter, the House of MAX&MOI is launching a limited edition of upcycled cashmere pieces for pre-order, created from fine cashmere yarn cones and dormant stocks of skins from our previous collections.

In total, over 800 pieces will be created, a quarter of which will be made in France in our Paris workshops.

The STELLA LOOSE jumper, a timeless wool and cashmere sweater created in Paris, with a slightly oversized cut, available in V-neck or round neck and in several colours.

The GARY model has a straight cut with removable inserts of 100% fox fur at the cuffs. This refined cashmere knit comes in a wide range of over fifteen colours to elevate your wardrobe.

It's thanks to the quality of our exclusive materials, produced to last and to be passed on, that we can adopt this responsible approach and fight against overstocking or wasting materials.

Equally, it's due to our exceptional manufacturing partners, who demonstrate flexibility and adapt to our operations, that we can offer these refined knits, crafted on demand in our workshops.

In fact, a 100% natural cashmere yarn requires precise adjustments throughout the entire manufacturing process, including knitting tension settings, reknitting – during which the sweater gradually takes shape – washing, and drying

To ensure that nothing is wasted and everything is sublimated, we re-use unused stocks of raw materials to create small series of our essentials.

How does pre-ordering work?

Crafted with meticulous attention to cut and finish, our pieces are produced in our workshops based on demand and dormant stocks of yarn or fur. As a result, our capsule not only offers limited edition pieces but also ones that are more durable and sustainable.

Although made in limited series to meet demand as closely as possible, extra stock is systematically produced to facilitate exchanges of sizes or colours.

And as always, delivery and returns are free* in France and Europe on our website.

What is the lead time for preordered items?

Our preordered models are available within one to three weeks for delivery before Christmas.

Until December 3, 2023, pre-order them exclusively from our e-shop at a special price and treat yourself. The first items will be delivered from 6 December and all cashmere jumpers in the pre-order are guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas.

It's never too early to get ready for the festive season

MAX&MOI is the result of a family history built around craftsmanship and a passion for noble materials such as cashmere. Designers, knitters, remakers, virtuoso craftsmen combine their savoir-faire and experience to create cashmere jumpers of exceptional quality. Our top-of-the-range knitwear, available to pre-order and designed to offer comfort and elegance throughout the winter season, is the perfect gift idea for women this festive season.

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