Out with the coat. With the arrival of spring and the return of beautiful days, the desire to bring out lighter pieces from our closets is palpable. Lovely cashmere knits that will accompany us until next summer, easy-to-wear trousers for any occasion, and, above all, cleverly detailed lightweight jackets capable of transforming an entire look.


Silk bomber, smooth leather or vintage-inspired suede jacket, double-faced wool or linen... MAX&MOI House competes with audacity and creativity to imagine mid-season pieces with effortless chic.

Easy to adopt, they slip on over a cashmere sweater when it's cold and a silk shirt or a shimmering linen top as the days warm up.

A visual review of these essential MAX&MOI pieces for women, to create the perfect seasonal wardrobe.

The suede jacket, an Americana spirit

Heading to the Wild West, or close enough!

Straight from the 1970s and inspired by the vast American plains, the suede jacket is making a big comeback. It possesses the charm of timeless pieces that endure through the seasons.


Crafted from sublime suede leather renowned for its suppleness and softness, our VIDYA women's jacket boasts the timeless elegance of a short, straight-cut jacket that accentuates the body's movements, with the added luxurious velvetiness of suede.

It can be layered over a lovely linen top for women, or worn directly on the skin, paired with straight trousers for a casual chic look, or as a complete ensemble with vintage-inspired suede pants. Whether under a coat in winter or as a standalone jacket in fair weather, it's a piece that never leaves our side!

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A symbol of chic, the cape jacket

Infused with femininity and chic, the cape jacket is a cornerstone piece of the new Spring-Summer collection by MAX&MOI.


Crafted from luxurious double-faced wool, this women's jacket is reinvented with a large hood, a zip closure, and leather finishes, exuding an effortless elegance. Its naturally chic style effortlessly combines refined details with a clean silhouette, making it an ideal piece for strolling around the city or heading to a rendezvous.

Pair it with straight suede or leather pants, flowing silk trousers, or a versatile basic for any occasion, choose our VESNA cape jacket.

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Timeless, the leather jacket

Iconic in black or softer in linen color, our VANISSA leather jacket is a sure bet for upgrading your daytime or evening look.


It pairs just as well with silk cargo pants, boasting a couture-like fluidity, as it does with long, romantic boho floral dresses, for a fashion-forward and effortlessly effective combination.


For a more rock'n'roll look, pair this women's leather jacket with a MAX&MOI stretch lambskin leather legging or an ultra-chic straight leather pant.


Crafted from the highest quality leather, the VANISSA jacket adds sophistication to all your outfits!

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The puffer jacket, a surefire staple.

If Spring-Summer 2024 is the season of stylistic boldness, essentials like the women's puffer jacket, with or without sleeves, remain tried-and-true staples. At this time of year when the weather can be capricious and particularly changeable, the puffer jacket is a key piece in the mid-season wardrobe.


Functional and elegant, our DOROTI jacket is reimagined with raglan sleeves and a short quilted cut, for a contemporary urban look.

In a casual weekend spirit, it's perfect for anything from shopping in the city to a countryside getaway or a leisurely stroll in the Jardin des Plantes in Paris.

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MAX&MOI designs luxury clothing worthy of the finest fashion houses, crafted to last and be passed down as an heirloom. The wool and leathers - whether smooth leather or suede - used in the making of our pieces are noble and costly natural materials.

However, our House is committed to offering you high-quality jackets at reasonable prices.

And if ever you feel the urge to give a second life to your MAX&MOI jackets, easily resell these timeless pieces on our MAX&MOI VINTAGE secondhand website and receive a store credit valid in-store or on maxemoi.com.