Like a legacy

In line with the Maison's history, MAX&MOI places great emphasis on meticulous craftsmanship and the use of luxurious materials such as silk, cashmere, and leather, ensuring quality and durability. Our luxury women's clothing, worthy of the finest fashion houses, is designed to withstand the test of time and be passed down through generations like a legacy.


Last October, the Maison made a pioneering move by merging craftsmanship with sustainable fashion, unveiling, for the first time, a pre-order collection of cashmere sweaters. Following on the success of this initiative,

MAX&MOI has since opted to perpetuate this model by offering pre-orders throughout the year.

Crafted in limited quantities, at fair prices, and with minimal environmental impact, pre-order pieces are timeless essentials designed to endure, season after season.


On average, pre-order items are delivered within 3 to 6 weeks. For Made in France pieces, delivery times are reduced to just 10 or 15 days.


From March 29th to April 14th, 2024, pre-order our stretch suede leggings, proudly made in France, at a highly advantageous price.



To lose nothing and to enhance everything

To align with our era and values,

To offer a wardrobe that reflects your style and accompanies you in every moment,

To adjust our quantities and produce only what is loved

To fight against overproduction and reduce costs associated with storage, unsold inventory, and waste.


It is through this model that we can offer, at much more accessible pricesluxurious women's clothing of exceptional quality, with an urban feel and effortless chic.

Our Suede Leather Leggings on Pre-order

Inspired by the Californian desert, whose atmosphere permeates each silhouette of the Spring-Summer collection, MAX&MOI introduces for this new season its iconic Leather Leggings reimagined in suede.


Crafted from sumptuous stretch lambskin suede, these women's suede pants are among those everyday essentials that accompany you on all occasions.

Easy to wear and mix and match, they are appreciated for the absolute comfort provided by their stretch leather that moves with you while flattering the silhouette, as well as for their soft and smooth texture. Offered in the dune color - one of the season's standout shades - it envelops the wardrobe with a natural aura and adds a touch of the Far West.


Versatile, our high-end women's suede leggings can be styled according to your desires. Paired with a luxurious silk shirt and a pair of heels, they exude office wear elegance, while worn with a lightweight cashmere women's sweater or a linen top and flat shoes, they create a casual look, effortlessly.

Ideal for the transitional season, the stretch suede pants rank among the must-have women's clothing items.

Until April 14th, exclusively on the e-shop, this iconic piece is available at the special pre-order price of €390 (instead of €590).

French Know-How

serving sustainable fashion

To materialize our pre-order approach, the production of our women's clothing is carried out - most often through short supply chains - with exceptional manufacturing partners, artisans of excellence and guardians of the Maison's savoir-faire.


The attention given to the selection of these certified workshops, who share our unconditional love for labeled noble materials and the ethical values ​​cherished by the Maison, ensures thoughtful and quality craftsmanship, carried out with meticulousness and precision.


Thus, our suede leather leggings are the result of excellent artisanal manufacturing in France. Designed and styled in Paris by the MAX&MOI design studio, they are crafted in our renowned Parisian workshops known for their unique expertise, using certified leather sourced from French tanners.

The time to wait is already a pleasure

Melvin Gallant

How does pre-order work?

Each garment is offered for pre-order on our website for a period of 3 to 4 weeks, at the end of which production is launched. The pieces are produced in our partner workshops, depending on demand and sometimes on dormant stocks of raw materials.

Whether in France, Europe, India, or China, all our workshops are chosen for their expertise with certified quality materials and their ethical values. Thus, we can guarantee a beautiful cut, a noble material and meticulous tailoring by trusted manufacturers.

While our pre-order pieces are produced in limited quantities to accurately meet demand, we systematically produce a small additional stock to facilitate exchanges for sizes and colors.

And as always: delivery and returns in France and Europe are free* on the website.‎

How long will I wait for my pre-order?

Our women's pre-orders are available within 3 to 6 weeks.

For pieces made in France, the delivery times are reduced to just 10 or 15 days.

An estimated delivery date is always specified on the product sheets. This way, you can make your purchase with full awareness and know, at the time of placing the order, when you will receive your items.

We commit to keeping you informed by e-mail in the event of any manufacturing delays.

We'll also answer all your questions by email at

Until April 14th, pre-order your suede leather leggings at a special price, exclusively on

The time to wait is already a pleasure!

MAX&MOI is the result of a family heritage centred around traditional craftsmanship and a passion for noble materials such as leather, cashmere and silk. Our luxury women's clothing is on par with the finest fashion houses, designed to endure through seasons and be passed on as a legacy.

So while it may seem like a long time to wait for a pre-ordered piece, think of the pleasure that comes with finally receiving it. Above all, it's a special feeling to receive a piece that has been made especially for you. When you finally hold your MAX&MOI garment in your hands, satisfaction and joy will enhance every day spent waiting!